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What are the benefits of Kopper Top's programs? How are our participants' lives enhanced and expanded every time they step on our farm?


In general, Kopper Top can give you the opportunities and experiences to care, grow, and learn about yourself and others. These valuable experiences will enable participants, volunteers, parents, donors and instructors opportunities to help each other. Everyone benefits when a helping hand is lifted to aid another, regardless of the circumstances. Individuals at Kopper Top understand the pleasure which occurs from developing and implementing a program that supports and encourages each person regardless of ability.


Kopper Top Can...

--Serve all types of abilities

--Build the body from the inside out

--Help you have fun as you participate

--Enable you to be a part of something bigger and greater

--Teach everyone involved something about themselves

Benefits of Kopper Top

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Why Animals In Therapy?

Lessons From the Animals

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