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Benefits of Healing GROWTH

Plants are very quiet creatures. They don’t bark at you for food like a dog does, or tip over the water bucket looking for water like a horse. They are totally dependant upon humans to care for them and nurture them so that they can grow and flourish. This kind of dependency gives participants a sense of being needed and teaches them responsibility in caring for others. Plants also teach patience; a flower does not bloom the day you plant the seed. Fruit is not produced the day you plant the tree; changes in your life may not happen the day you want them to. A pansy seed brings forth a pansy flower; you reap what you sow, and you reap later than you sow. Gentleness is another quality that plants teach—these fragile creatures require the right amount of sunlight, watering, and temperature to fully thrive. Herbs are also used in GROWTH along with the regular plants and flowers. The use of herbs is taught as natural remedies for various ailments. Through Kopper Top’s GROWTH horticulture therapy program, these lessons and more are imparted to the participants as they learn about and care for their plants, and learn how their plants can care for them.

A garden is the best alternative therapy. ~~Germaine Greer