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Benefits of Healing HEARTS

In these days, classroom education is important, but what is just as important, or maybe even more important, is hands-on experience in one’s field or major. Being told how to change a flat tire, and actually being able to change a flat tire in the pouring down rain by yourself are two totally different things, and it is our goal at Kopper Top through our HEARTS program to prepare interns to be able to change that tire alone in the pouring down rain.


Classroom education lays the foundation for the knowledge that one will need for a certain profession; hands-on experience brings it to life. At Kopper Top, interns work alongside and under the supervision of Deborah Meridith, LRT/CTRS and NARHA Registered Instructor, to learn about recreational therapy (and more!). As they become comfortable with the experiences, they are able to plan and execute therapy sessions themselves, including assessments, programming, progress notes, and evaluations. This gradual, invaluable training prepares interns to be able to work alone successfully in their field after graduation.


The adventure of life is to learn.

The purpose of life is to grow.

The nature of life is to change.

The challenge of life is to overcome.

The essence of life is to care.

The opportunity of life is to serve.

The secret of life is to dare.

The spice of life is to befriend.

The beauty of life is to give.

~~William Arthur Ward