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Kopper Top is involved in life-changing ministry every day! But these life-changing miracles would not come to pass without the faithful support of those who believe in the work that we do, and the support of those that want to invest in something bigger and greater than themselves.


This farm itself is a living miracle. So many times, the odds have been against us. But every time we thought the end had come.....it hadn't. This farm is still here because we are meant to be here doing the work we are doing, and though we have many needs that seem impossible to meet, and sometimes it all seems hopeless...the support and dedication of one of our donors, clients, and volunteers will give us that "pick up", encouragement, and resolve to keep going.


If you would like to join in supporting the mission and work of Kopper Top Life Learning Center, we, as well as the clients and the animals, would be forever grateful.

While we appreciate the thought of an in-kind donation, some supplies and materials are more useful to us than others. Thus, if we receive a donation that does not meet a need for us or would be more beneficial for another organization, we reserve the right to sell, raffle, donate, or pass these items along as we deem necessary. If you have questions about materials we need, please reference our Wish List or contact us via e-mail.

Thank you for your interest in supporting the special people who utilize our services and therapy animals at Kopper Top.

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