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Nothing speaks better for a program and it's worth than those who have been through it themselves! Below are some thoughts, testimonials, and feedback from our riders, clients, and volunteers.

Thank you so much for the experiences and all the stuff we have learned. We had no idea working on a farm that what we would learn would be used in our lives, and we will use it! ~~Teaching Fellow 2009

I've gotten first-hand experience in many different aspects of recreational therapy. With my tendency to be a perfectionist, I learned to relax and remain flexible. I've learned how to make quick, safe decisions in the best interest of the participants, I've learned how to make instant, important asessments of the participants...As a college graduate, I've been opened up to many challenging yet rewarding experiences that have impacted my life in many ways...~~Aven, Kopper Top intern 2008

My children learn so much when they’re here! Compassion, acceptance, sharing, etc. They love the crafts and the volunteers! ~~Laura, mother of campers

Words of Praise

Everything we did was a learning experience. It was difficult mentally and physically, but super- fulfilling. I loved the entire experience, including learning how to work with the animals and seeing how much they have helped everyone. ~~Teaching Fellow, 2008

Camp FreeSpirit so helps her confidence and developing love of nature. She has been so excited to come each morning. She speaks of loving Skip and takes pride in all her projects!  

~~Virginia, mother of camper

Your place is so relaxing - it's a joy to just sit there and watch the animals and hear the country sounds. ~~Marsha, mother of rider

This is an amazing place that does great things for wonderful people. Thank you so much for the experience. I loved the kids and loved the animals! ~~Teaching Fellow, 2008

The best part of my experience was working with the campers and seeing that we made a difference in their lives. ~~Teaching Fellow, 2008

The Closest Thing To Life

Smiling Again

This is What Kopper Top Means to me

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