Healing HOOVES


Healing HOOVES is a horseback riding program for children and adults with and without disabilities. With the help of the program’s horses of all shapes, sizes, and breeds, individuals learn about the care, handling, and riding of horses. Horseback riding lessons teach students the proper and safe riding techniques; horseback riding therapy sessions work with students with disabilities as they strive to meet physical goals and enjoy the ride and company of the horse. Information and facts about horses, horse care, horse health, handling and training are woven into lessons and sessions as the students learn more about their big, furry friends. 

Our horses are therapy trained and tested, and have been ridden by two-year-olds, senior adults, and quadriplegics, as well as by children with autism, cerebral palsy, and more. The horses are matched with their riders according to size, behavior, personalities, and temperaments of both the rider and the horse. A bond of trust and love is encouraged by the staff between the horse and rider as they partner together to teach each other more about life.

We work with managed care organizations / local managed entities such as Cardinal Innovations and Sandhills Center.


Horseback riding is good for the body and soul.

The movement of a horse beneath its rider teaches balance and good posture. The effort required in actively moving with the horse and maneuvering it helps with strength and muscle tone.

As the riders learn safe and correct riding techniques, they gain self-awareness and confidence. Participants develop a love for and knowledge of their equine friends, while learning more about their own strengths and weaknesses.

Caring for a horse’s needs teaches riders responsibility and kindness. Horseback riding becomes a fun form of therapy and recreation as the rider forms a trusting bond with the gentle giant underneath.

The interaction between horse and rider has been proven to encourage independence, freedom, and a positive self image. There is something about getting a 1,500 pound animal to do what you ask that gives a rider renewed confidence and joy!