Kopper Top is a volunteer-run organization.  Our volunteers give freely of their own time, energy, and resources and receive no pay in return. We depend heavily on the help and support of dedicated individuals who are committed to giving of themselves to our program — to the people we serve and the animals that help carry out our programs.

Our volunteers are trained and given experience in the different areas of our ministry so that they will be able to properly respond to the various situations they may encounter while on the farm. Newer volunteers are helped and supervised by volunteer veterans, so as to ensure the safety and maximum learning experience for everyone involved!

Interested in volunteering at Kopper Top?  Working on a farm is hard, dirty, and sometimes grueling work. Yet the rewards are priceless and the miracles you see will change your life for good!  We welcome individual volunteers and group volunteers, such as church groups, school groups, Boy and Girl Scout groups, corporate groups and more.

Opportunities for volunteers:

  • Fundraising – we always need help with fundraising.
  • Horse handlers and side walkers for HOOVES lessons.
  • Taking animals to assisted living facilities and nursing homes for PAAWS.
  • Cleaning cages, stalls, restrooms, tack room, and feed and water bins.
  • Taking care of the animals and plants.
  • Help with Camp FreeSpirit.
  • Vehicle, building, and grounds maintenance.

Volunteers at Kopper Top are expected to behave in a mature, professional manner and set a good example for the children and clients we serve. All people and therapy animals are to be treated with respect at all times — they come first.

Volunteers are expected to complete assigned duties and to work together with one another as a team. Because most of our work is outdoors, please be prepared to spend the day outside in varying temperatures and elements. The purpose of volunteering at Kopper Top is to help other people and to care for the animals and facility that make our work possible.

Prior to volunteering, we ask that you complete several forms such as information forms, emergency medical information, liability and release, and acknowledgement of client confidentiality.